Emily Procter Loves Anal Sex

As a sizzling hot Southern belle growing up in North Carolina, I’m sure Emily Procter’s had her share of casual carnal encounters, especially during her college years, when she was even part of the  Alpha Delta Pi sorority in East Carolina University.  You know how sorority girls are.  They’re hot and horny 24/7, and they can’t go a day without having a nice, sweet fuck.  Could that be where Emily Procter picked up her fetish for dirty anal sex, as seen in these pics right here?

She might have had her first ass fuck during her days there, courtesy of some horny fraternity brother who wanted something tighter than their overused pussies to stick his rod into.  Then she just couldn’t forget the feel of a hot schlong up her backdoor and she’s been lusting for anal fucks ever since.  Or maybe all that sleeping around during college got boring after a while, and she had to find something kinky to do besides having some guy fuck her pussy for the umpteenth time, so she decided to try out some butt banging instead.  That would make her anal sex days more recent, though.

Well, whatever the reason she has for stuffing her ass hole with big, juicy cock, she’s obviously really into it these days.  She’s riding those cocks with her ass real hard in two of these pics, and in the third she’s experiencing what ought to be the ultimate fuck for her, a double penetration session with two guys, where one cock’s up her clit and the other one’s taking a ride up her Hershey highway.  Now a horny babe like her’s got to love the orgasmic feeling that’s giving her.

It’s giving you your own orgasmic feelings too, I bet, seeing her being fucked up the ass like that.  Click here if you want to experience even more of those feelings, with all the other dirty Emily Procter pics and videos they have there on that site, just for you.

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